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Perks of Jobs for Nurses in Dubai, the UAE, and the Middle East

Overseas job opportunities for nurses are still plentiful, despite the worldwide economic recession. If you browse the web sites of various nursing recruitment agencies, you will see openings for nursing jobs in Dubai, nursing jobs in Australia, nursing jobs in the United Kingdom, and so many other places.

The benefits of working abroad as a nurse can be considerable. Those who come from Third World countries, for example, seek work overseas because the salaries they can earn are substantially more than what they can hope to earn back home.

According to, monthly nursing salaries in Dubai in 2009 ranged from 2,500 to 10,000 dirhams (about US$680-US$2,700 or €495-€1,979). Keep in mind, though, that your race is likely to affect how much you earn. It may sound unfair, but that is the reality of it.

It isn't just candidates from the Third World who aim to work in Dubai -- many of those coming from countries like the UK and USA seek to expand their nursing careers in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE or the Middle East. Like their Asian, African, and South American contemporaries, many of them view the region as a good place for the chance to earn more money, and experience a different culture to boot.

What is it about the region that attracts hordes of people to apply for overseas medical jobs there? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Higher wages
  • Absence of income tax
  • Good weather (at least for those coming from cold countries)
  • Inexpensive automobiles and petrol (for those coming from Europe)
  • Housing and transportation are paid for -- or subsidized -- by the employer

The job market has been much tougher in Dubai recently, with downsizing and cost-cutting occurring in nearly all industries. However, there are still plenty of jobs to be had as you will see if you visit the sites of recruiting agencies that offer jobs for nurses abroad. On the website of Bridgewater International Recruitment Direct, for instance, you will find listings for job openings in several UAE hospitals. These include vacancies for labour and delivery nurse managers at Tawam Hospital, staff nurses at Al Corniche Hospital, and operating room nurse managers at the American Hospital. Elsewhere you may find vacancies for nursing directors, nurse educators, charge nurses, and registered nurses.

The perks of international nursing jobs with hospitals in Dubai or elsewhere in the Middle East vary according to location or employer, but generally speaking, here is what you can expect to receive from your employer if you land a nursing job there:

  • Free accommodation and transportation to and from work, or a housing and transportation allowance
  • Free medical insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Free airfare to and from home at the start and end of the employment contract
  • Working week of 48 hours
  • Generous annual leave allocation
  • Some employers arrange visa processing for job applicants and their families
  • Income tax-free salary

Of course, there are adjustments and challenges to be faced in working in the Middle East. While Dubai or Bahrain is more relaxed than Saudi Arabia, for example, they are still Islamic countries where certain social rules and codes of conduct need to be observed and followed. For many, however, a career in nursing overseas, particularly in certain areas of the Middle East, is mostly a positive experience.



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